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LJ Modeste

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LJ Modeste is a pragmatist yet innovator at heart. He has symbiotically blended these elements into his “people-first” leadership style that has guided him through nearly three decades of diverse leadership roles in the telecom, energy, and government sectors. 

Armed with dual master’s degrees in business management and information systems, he is an accomplished business leader and technologist. Throughout his career, he has been instrumental in driving innovation and delivering impactful results in the realms of people, process, and performance. This has encompassed roles where he led regional and international technology and sales divisions and was a commercialization strategist and development coach. It allowed him to collaborate closely with seasoned business leaders and entrepreneurs, gaining invaluable insights and making marked contributions along the way.

Analytical yet no less artsy, he has also honed skills as an author, poet, musician, and producer. His greatest passion, though, lies in helping others find and walk in their purpose. He firmly believes that this pursuit is the gateway to ultimate fulfillment. Whether guiding high school students or retirees, LJ has a knack for distilling profound principles into simple, easily digestible concepts tailored to his audience's needs.


As a husband and proud father of two daughters, LJ is deeply invested in their growth and development. Both academically excellent and talented musicians (cellist and violinist in the Youth Philharmonic Orchestra), his daughters are also budding entrepreneurs, a testament to LJ’s encouragement for them to pursue their giftedness. 


In his debut book, A Cup That Overflows: Unlocking Your Potential, Embracing Your Purpose, LJ shares not just his knowledge but his heartfelt commitment to guiding others toward a life of purpose and fulfillment. This book serves as a beacon of wisdom for those seeking clarity and direction on their personal journeys of self-discovery.

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Do you feel called to something greater but uncertain of the path ahead?

Are you ready to uncover your God-given purpose and take intentional steps towards a life of fulfillment?

Are you seeking a how-to or what now guide for personal growth, a companion to walk with you on the journey of discovering your purpose?

If the answer is YES, A Cup That Overflows: Unlocking Your Potential, Embracing Your Purpose provides a curated roadmap.

In A Cup That Overflows, author LJ Modeste provides answers within the timeless framework of the 23rd Psalm. Through insightful discussions and practical teachings, LJ Modeste speaks to those who feel called to something greater, individuals on a journey of personal development but uncertain of their destination.

A Cup That Overflows is more than a guide; it's a companion for those ready to step into their purpose with confidence. This book sets you on a transformative journey, covering topics such as:

  • Awareness: Discover your God-given purpose.

  • Acknowledgment: Recognize the inherent tools to fulfill this purpose.

  • Acceptance: Embrace the path laid out before you.

  • Action: Take intentional steps towards personal growth and character development.

  • Affirmation: Encourage yourself on the journey, fostering a mindset of not just living right, but living well

Whether you're seeking clarity amidst life's complexities, exploring the intersection of faith and purpose, or desiring a life of significance, this book offers valuable insights as LJ Modeste's wisdom invites you to:

  • Affirm yourself and your journey towards a life of fulfillment and impact.

  • Understand your purpose and inherent fitness to fulfill it.

  • Acknowledge what walking in your purpose looks like.

  • Take actions to develop your character—mindset, emotions, and habits.

Join LJ Modeste on this inspirational journey of self-discovery. A Cup That Overflows is your invitation to unlock your true potential and live a life guided by purpose and wisdom.


eBook, Paperback & Hardcover

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